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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Apr 13, 2021

Did you know that life eventually gets better as you age—no matter what? At least it does from the perspective of all round wisdom. I begin this show with an essay titled, ‘How Accepting Hardships Makes Us Wiser After Sixty’… because, yeah, my knocks have been my greatest wake up calls. My greatest teachers.

And while we’re on the subject of big life truths… What does it take to be truly happy in life—in a bone deep kind of way that rocks your soul every day? It can be done, and it requires living your purpose. My guest Carin Rockind is nothing short of passionate and inspiring. She will get your engine going on so many aspects of going after the things you love, and what could be a better form of self-care!

Among other things, we discussed:

  • What is life purpose? And what are its three components?
  • Is being a stay at home mom enough of a purpose?
  • Is it okay not to make money from your purpose?
  • Purpose anxiety and how it affects us
  • The interesting notion of Post Traumatic Growth
  • Does the Universe actually help us with this purpose stuff?

It’s a meaty show… may you enjoy the process of saying ‘YES’ to you!


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Host of The PurposeGirl Podcast, which has been ranked top 20 in mental health or self-help in more than 30 countries. Carin Rockind is a positive psychology expert, powerful motivational speaker, and caring coach who empowers people to pursue their dreams and bring their best selves to work and life. She helps people find meaning and inspiration in their work so that they maximize potential. She works with companies like Amazon, Capital One, AVON, Ernst & Young, and Alcoa to teach employees to flourish and organizations to thrive. She is also the founder of Women’s Global Happiness Day, the only not-for-profit effort to eradicate the women’s depression epidemic worldwide. She currently teaches the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology through The Flourishing Center. She has been featured on Martha Stewart Radio, Cosmopolitan Radio, CBS, PBS, and in Crain's and was known as the “Happiness Guru” on Sirius XM.