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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jun 23, 2020

Today I’ve got two super self-care ideas for you: making an art journal, and dropping the need to apologize a lot. You’ll know if the latter applies, because you’ll immediately think … uh oh.

That was me, until I got a grip on my need to apologize, especially when someone else was at fault. This disempowering habit can be turned around, though. May this little essay serve you well! Cause if I can do it—you can do it!

Meanwhile … down in the trenches of self-care….

Can you find greater peace and happiness you’re making art? Even if you’re not an artist?

That is the question posed, and the work done by my guest Amy Maricle. She calls her work teaching people how to make art journals, “meditation through art”. And if you’re the sort of person who gets really excited in art stores, this one’s for you.

One of the things I thought was really interesting in this conversation was how keeping an art journal, and basically just doodling creatively, helps you release stuck old motions. You know this is great healing!

She says: “I love watching my confused, stressed out, annoyed, worried page turn into something new – and often – something imperfectly beautiful. It’s a great metaphor for life – being willing to stay with my feelings, try some healthy ways of airing them out and understanding them, and watching them transform.”

Join me as I chat with Amy about some of the following:

- How to keep your mind the way when you’re making art

- What an art journal is and why it matters

- What’s it play when our emotions transform while making heart

- How to get over your fear and get started

- Cool technical tips on how to make more effective or journals

Enjoy, my friends….


Harriet Lerner, The Dance of Anger

See Amy’s gorgeous site, with examples of Art Journals

Amy’s Free Class

Amy’s Classes

Journals to Use

Mixed Media Pad

Moleskin Sketchbook

Some Paints to Play With


Acrylic Paint

A Fun Gel Pen Set


“Art journals are an amazing outlet for creativity, venting, and playful self-exploration. I’d love to share them with you. Whether you are brushing on paint to let off steam, doodling away your worries, or digging into your deep  personal images, art journaling is a forgiving and accessible art form.

“I keep an art journal out on my table with some supplies, and it tempts me to spend at least a few minutes a day exploring the worlds that appear on the page, and figuring out what I really need and want in my life. It’s grounding, freeing, and playful. You can learn more about art journaling here.