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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jun 16, 2020

I began this show with a reflection on the incredible wave of empathy, support and ‘wokeness’ that is sweeping the world right now in response to the killing of George Floyd and others by police. I urge my fellow white listeners to drop by and watch a video I created on my Facebook page, and check out the anti-racism resources I have listed. Also, I urge all to make a commitment to how you will stand up and engage in fighting hate, prejudice and racism. The time is now!

Then I read an essay I wrote back in 2013, when I was still actively grieving my daughter’s death. I learned SO much in that time, and here I share ‘How to Keep the Faith When All Hell Is Breaking Loose’. May you find some comfort here, especially in such intense and powerful times.

This essay was included in an audiobook I recorded last year titled The Joy of Letting Go.

I loved my conversation with wise woman and trauma expert Liz Mullinar. She recorded with me from her home in Australia, where she has helped thousands of adults heal from childhood trauma. This is an important show to dig into if you know you’re suffering from the effects of the past.

You can heal, friend, and Liz shows you how in our show … and in her wonderful book, linked below.

In our conversation, I learned:

  • The definition of trauma and what happens to the brain
  • The difference between women and men in trauma treatment
  • How untreated trauma affects our ability to parent well
  • How to know if you’re suffering from old trauma
  • What has been lacking in trauma recovery work until now
  • How we can stop being a victim … and learn to be happy
  • Liz’s particular treatment process and how it impacts the neuro-wiring of the brain
  • What gets people into trauma therapy to begin with

I hope you find this as useful and interesting as I did.

As ever … I’m so very glad you are here!

Big hug!


My list of Anti-Racism resources and a video I show, ‘How Will You Make a Difference?’, on Facebook

The Joy of Letting Go Audiobook

Liz Mullinar’s book, Heal for Life: How to Heal Yourself From the Pain of Childhood Trauma

Heal for Life Website


Liz Mullinar is a survivor of childhood trauma and the founder of Heal For Life Foundation. Heal For Life centers in Australia, UK and the Philippines have helped over 8,500 adults and children heal from their childhood trauma through an affordable five day, residential program for trauma recovery.

Liz is an internationally renowned speaker and has delivered many papers at international conferences on the Heal for Life Model of healing. She is the author of two books published by Hodder Headline: Breaking the Silence and The Liz Mullinar Story. She is a member of the Order of Australia for services to the Arts and survivors of trauma, and in 2000 was awarded inaugural Australian Humanitarian of the Year Award.