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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jan 10, 2023

Suzanne breaks down what these worries are, and how to provide big healing by using the natural resources within your own body and psyche.


If you’re like the rest of us, you worry sometimes. Sometimes you even cook up more drama than is good for a heart and soul. To that end, I begin today’s show by sharing my essay “Are You a Drama Junkie?” It’s bound to strike a chord if you know life is just a LITTLE more exciting than you wish it was. Don’t worry, friend… serenity is at hand.


The main chunk of the show is my own take on dissecting worry, anxiety and perfectionism—and the underlying fear of not being enough that really drives that.

There are some powerful healing steps you can take that will bring you into deeper alignment with yourself when you’re feeling scared or anxious. And I share them here.

This is for you if you’ve ever worried for no good reason, or panicked that something you’re doing will turn catastrophic. Behind all of this you may have unresolved fears that have little to do with what is actually happening.


Finally I end the show with a healing meditation in which you can truly meet your fear head on, and find the message from your guides that will turn things around.


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Suzanne’s essay, Are You a Drama Junkie



Suzanne Falter hosts the Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women podcast where she brings better self-care to thousands of busy people each week in 98 countries around the globe. She also keynotes and leads corporate workshops and online programs on self-care. She is the author of The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care (Sourcebooks.)