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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jul 23, 2019

In this episode, I’m focusing on using self-care to get through both short term and long term tough times. Specifically, I start by sharing an essay I just wrote about Self-Care Essentials After a Fight. Because, hey … sooner or later we’re all going to get bugged. And possibly have a disagreement or a fight with someone. So here’s my take on how to cope – and get back to serenity.

In terms of long-term difficulties – recovering from divorce, serious illnesses, deaths, or any kind of big job or life transition that  is especially hard – self-care is critical. And yet … so many of us don’t know where to begin.

I’ve listed my top ten go to activities for this kind of self-care … and the various resources are mentioned below.


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Young Living Oils –

Order Peace & Calming and Valor essential oils by emailing

Or by calling 1-800-371-3515 . Please use Suzanne Falter’s member order number: 18771645

Alter Eco’s Salted Brown Butter Chocolate bar

No Mud No Lotus by Thich Nhat Hahn

Pocket Pema Chodron by Pema Chodron

Say Goodnight to Insomnia by Gregg Jacobs

Suzanne’s blog post ’12 Great Drug Free Solutions to Insomnia’