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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Apr 19, 2022

Suzanne sits down with Valerie Young whose groundbreaking work identified The Imposter Syndrome. They talk about why women need to shift their mindset of self-doubt, and relax into their personal power.

One of my favorite places is Sebastopol, CA, in the wine country north of the Bay Area. It inspired this starting segment, on places we love. I hope it reminds you of some favorite places YOU love! 

I first became aware of Valerie Young’s work in … 2001? I had published a book about creativity and motivation then (How Much Joy Can You Stand?), and her work was a SUPER perfect fit for all that I discussed. We became colleagues and have stayed in touch off and on since then.

If you’ve never listened to Valerie Young speak, she’s brilliant on the subject of Imposter Syndrome. Her voice is nothing less than an inspirational call to arms for all of us scared women to link arms and believe in ourselves again.

Among other things, I learned:

  • How the Imposter Syndrome work came to be
  • Hallmarks of Imposter Syndrome
  • How we get this way and what the effects are, long-term
  • The correlation between anxiety and Imposter Syndrome, and addictions, too
  • Sabotaging behaviors sourced in Imposter Syndrome
  • What can we do about it
  • Useful reframes for Imposter Syndrome moments

It’s a fabulous conversation— don’t miss it!



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Valerie’s TED TALK

Betty Rollins essay in Hers, The New York Times, 1981



Valerie Young developed The Imposter Syndrome work while a graduate student at University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Since then it has become a worldwide phenomenon. She has spoken on stages extensively about this, including TedNYC.

Valerie is also widely recognized as a thought-leader on thinking “outside the job box.”

In 1995 she became the founder and Dreamer in Residence at Changing Course — an online resource for people who want to make a living doing what they love without a job. Today over 24,000 people subscribe to the Changing Course Newsletter.