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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Nov 30, 2021

We begin this show with some good advice as the holiday season begins: Ask for help! In my opening essay, I reflect on mindsets that are helpful for making requests that actually get results. (There is a lot more on this in my book, The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care). 

Now… we all know we need to eat more veggies. But they can be hard to get excited about, right? That’s why I did this particular show!

My guest, Sophia DeSantis is a client-centered heal-coach who’s all about plant-based diets and recipes that are as yummy as they are healthy. And who doesn’t need that? I got really inspired listening to her ideas, and I suspect you will, too.

Among other things, I learned:

  • The benefits of a plant-based diet
  • Should we be ‘all or nothing’ with plant-based diets?
  • The difference between being vegan and being plant-based
  • What about how processed a lot of plant-based alternatives are
  • Sophia’s favorite alternative meet… veggie burgers v The Impossible Burger
  • Roasting v steaming vegetables
  • Meal plans and how to make them work

Boy is there a LOT of good stuff here. Enjoy, my friend!


How to Get the Help You Truly Need

Sophia’s website

Check out Sophia’s free guide on her homepage

Sophia’s Instagram

The Doctor Vs Comedian Podcast


Sophia DeSantis is a client-centered health coach, meal systems expert, plant-based recipe creator and the fun-loving mom behind Veggies Don’t Bite, where she focuses on helping people feel empowered instead of overwhelmed when it comes to overall health and wellness. Through Veggies Don’t Bite and her popular podcast, Real Food Real Conversations, she strives to help people find what works for their personal health and wellness!

She helped her husband better his heart health by completely changing their family's diet under the guidance of his cardiologist. She did this with a newborn and a 1-year-old, so knows what it's like to make a health change in the midst of chaos. Being a teacher for 14 years, and getting her master’s degree in education, she understands that each person is unique in how they learn, and there is no one size fits all approach. She now has "retired" from her teaching job and runs her business full time while navigating life with 3 young boys.