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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Sep 6, 2022

If you sit a lot to do your job, you could have a unexplained pain that runs from your knees to your shoulders. Suzanne talks to PT Christine Koth about her handy invention, The Hip Hook, and how to release the one muscle that always gets forgotten.

I begin this show with a little rhapsody about baking, cooking and nesting as a way to relieve anxiety. For me it’s tried and true … and as promised, here is a WONDERFUL recipe that will put you right in the mood. It’s for the best chocolate cake on the planet … 

And the handwritten frosting recipe was something Teal cooked up, and wrote out here.  (Let me just say, I remember the day all that confectioner’s sugar went flying all over the kitchen.) Before her death, she was studying to be a professional cake decorator.

Today we’re also exploring what it takes to release the tight hips we get from sitting all the time. I had a wonderful interview with Christine Koth, author of Tight Hip, Twisted Core and inventor of the Hip Hook. When I first heard the title of this book, I knew I wanted it immediately … and yes, by gradually releasing that tricky iliacus muscle … I am pain-free today!

I learned:

  • Symptoms of a stressed iliacus muscle
  • Problems that cause inflammation and tightness
  • Different ways to release this tightness
  • Why we can’t directly release the iliacus muscle
  • The average length of recovery when working with this issue


I highly recommend Christine’s work with this. And I really hope you find this show helpful… and may you have healthy hips once more!

My best as ever,


Suzanne Falter





Suzanne’s blog A Surprising Way to Heal Your Anxiety


Tight Hip, Twisted Core: The Key to Unresolved Pain


Christine Koth’s website

The Hip Hook



Christine Koth, MPT is a licensed Physical Therapist who has specialized in treating the hip area for decades and has been aptly named the "Iliacus Queen." She is also the inventor of the Hip Hook ( and has helped countless clients recover from hip-related issues.

She received her Masters of Physical Therapy and B. S. in Biochemistry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Christine's tenacious spirit has resulted in the creation of many physical therapy clinics, a private school for children, an outdoor classroom at a local elementary school, international wellness retreats, women's groups, and thriving wellness and holistic communities.

For decades, she has used her physical therapy practice and skills to guide people towards wellness. She is naturally inquisitive and has a long track record of successfully evaluating her clients to determine the real source of the problem. She believes the key to health is knowing the "why." As a holistic physical therapist, she uses her years of practicing alongside many different types of alternative and traditional practitioners to approach her clients and the world in a way that effortlessly puts all the pieces of the puzzle together.