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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

May 7, 2019

Did you know stress can become an uncomfortable habit – until it becomes dangerously comfortable? That’s why this show is ALL about healing ourselves from that toxic mindset, whether with insights or essential oils.

I began this episode by sharing some insights I wrote about in my book, Surrendering to Joy. Specifically, it’s about how often we feast on stress … and why we do it.

Then we move on to the inherently healing world of essential oils.

Wow. That’s all I can say after this fantastic interview with Samantha Lee Wright. Samantha is one of those rare people who lives with a passion, and is all in when it comes to sharing essential oils. I was so into it at the end or our chat, I went out and bought my own starter kit, which has been tremendously fun!

Here’s what I learned about the wonderful world of essential oils:

  • How aromatherapy works with the body’s limbic system
  • The connection between anxiety and essential oils
  • How to administer essential oils correctly on your skin … and when that’s a good idea
  • What the difference is between aromatherapy and topical essential oils, and why that’s important
  • The difference between commercial fragrances and essential oils, and why the latter helps while the former doesn’t
  • Detrimental practices by the cosmetic industry most of us don’t even know about. (this blew me away)

If you want to hear more, click here to tune in to Part 2 of my interview with Samantha Lee Wright.


Samantha’s PTSD podcast episode

Samantha’s Essential Oil Starter Kit from Young living

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Samantha’s free 3-day online course for beginners to help them learn how to you their oils.


Samantha Lee Wright believes that health is simple, wealth is doable, and happiness takes priority over both. She’s host of the world’s number one essential oils podcast, The Essential Oil Revolution where she makes healthy living approachable for all and demystifies the world of wellness. Her unwavering battle cry that “yes! you are worth it!” is a call to action for those ready to make a change. Most of her time is with family and pouring her heart and soul into work as a doula, a business mentor, and podcaster. She’s been featured in Paleo Magazine Radio, Basmati, and Side Hustle School.