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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jan 3, 2023

Learning how to eat more mindfully, and not emotionally overeat is a skill many of us need to learn. Suzanne talks to Jessica Procini, emotional eating expert, on how to use food as food, instead of a comfort substitute.


I don’t know about you, but I’m a WAY restless meditator. So this week I start the show by sharing a practical list of ways you can overcome that restlessness… and just settle down and chill out. Good idea for the start of a new year, right? Because we all need to get ourselves on the meditation cushion if we want serene minds.


To that end, I also interviewed an emotional eating expert, Jessica Procini. She’s got a fascinating take on emotional overeating and how we can heal from it—something she calls “digesting your emotions”.


Among other things, I learned

  • What emotional eating actually is
  • What to do when your emotions feel like a threat
  • How to recognize if you are an emotional eater
  • Why high powered, super successful women are prone to emotionally eat
  • Tools other than food that she recommends for managing intensity


  • Ideal lunch breaks!


Hope you find this chat an inspiring way to start the new year.


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Jessica Procini is on a mission to help high-achieving women heal the roots of their emotional eating. When Overeaters Anonymous and therapy weren’t enough to help her end her fight with food, she spent ten years in research before developing her signature healing framework, Escape From Emotional Eating®, which has helped women reclaim their power over food. Now that she’s been 100% free from her compulsions with food for over 5 years, Jessica helps female entrepreneurs and executives do the same at