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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Oct 20, 2020

In today’s essay, I share some ideas from my blog titled, ‘What if I Don’t Know What I Want?’. Because when you get right down to it, do us, as hard-working women who aim to please others, genuinely know our needs and desires? Mine have been a work in progress, which I share about here.

I also spend a fun, ebullient half hour interviewing the wonderful healer and Tarot reader Courtney Lauran. She’s also the host of the ‘More Tarot Please’ podcast, and a true modern voice in the tarot movement.

She’s got a unique take on the intersection of self-care and tarot, which is why I couldn’t wait to speak to her.

I learned:

  • Her unique story on the path of discovering Tarot
  • What is’ like to give a reading
  • How to use Tarot for better self-care
  • Different Tarot decks and why that matters
  • Different ways she works with people… and how that impacts her readings
  • The seven types of self-care
  • Using Tarot to heal anxiety

It’s a unique and wonderful show… dig in and relaxxxxx… You deserve it!


Suzanne’s essay this week

Courtney Lauran’s Website

Courtney’s Podcast

Courtney’s Offerings

Hip Chick Tarot Deck

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From Apple Podcasts

Courtney Lauran is host of The More Tarot, Please Podcast.

“This is a place where Intuitive Tarot, Lunar Phases, and Self Care Rituals combine. Here we discuss the weekly theme and the moon energy that comes along with it so you can attune to the moon on your healing journey. We round out the podcast with an intuitive self care reading that adds to the theme of the week and gives your an idea of how to incorporate self care into your week.

This tarot podcast is giving a full tarot experience for the collective with guidance and insight for your week ahead. As a Self Care Coach, I use tarot, moon magic, and self care practices to facilitate healing, guidance, and insight for your journey inward.

Tarot is the Gateway, The Moon is the Life Coach, and Self Care is the Key!”