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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Nov 1, 2022

Suzanne interviews Teresa McKee, mindfulness teacher and embodiment of deep, calming presence. Mindfulness has been proven to increase productivity and serenity!


No matter where you spend the bulk of your day, your environment impacts you. That’s why I did a blog called How Does Your Work Environment Impact Your Self-Care. It’s got 8 actionable ideas you can put to use right now to make your barren hotdesk feel more like a home, and your home office feel more like a supportive workplace. Enjoy!


Today’s guest, Teresa McKee, left a lasting impression on me. She’s the embodiment of mindfulness, a practice she cultivated carefully and committedly over a long period of time—and her wisdom shines in this excellent interview. That’s why I invited her to be my guest in part II of my Calming Down set…. On the ancient, critically important practice of mindfulness.


Among other things, I learned:


  • What mindfulness actually is
  • How Teresa got into it
  • What the cost is of living unmindfully
  • Signs of not being mindful
  • The joys of ‘monotasking’ and the perils of multi-tasking
  • How anyone can begin practicing mindfulness now


It’s a special show. I hope you enjoy it.


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How Does Your Work Environment Impact Your Self-Care?


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A Mindful Moment with Teresa McKee






Teresa McKee, CEO of Work2LiveWell, is a transformation and leadership coach, certified mindfulness meditation facilitator and the host of A Mindful Moment Podcast. Combining her training and education, including an MS in Psychology specializing in Leadership Coaching Psychology, with over three decades of business experience, Teresa integrates behavioral science with results-oriented processes to help executives and teams achieve their goals. She is passionate about spreading mindfulness and uses it as the foundation for her workshops, webinars, online classes, and the weekly podcast which consistently ranks in the top 10% of mental health podcasts.