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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Jun 18, 2019

I begin this episode by sharing a recently written essay called ‘How to Walk Away from Should’. In it, I share my ever-so-rocky path from being a driven perfectionist to being a way chill business owner with perspective. Hope you enjoy it.

Then I interview an interesting woman who brings us into greater confidence about … money!

Turns out handling money well is an inside job, according to financial confidence coach Jen Hemphill. Host of the popular podcast, Her Dinero Matters, Jen is an advocate to Latina women about how to take your money to the next level. I really loved our chat, which centered around many of the internal questions we must ask ourselves to be truly confident, and truly healthy with our finances.

I learned:

  • Why so many women lack confidence about money
  • How we can responsibly pay for self-care that costs money
  • How to pay for the vacations we need
  • How to deal with the feeling we don’t make enough
  • 3 great ideas for financial self-care
  • A practical approach to retirement
  • How to reasonably manage your consumer debt


Her Money Matters (book)

Her Money Matters (workbook) debt calculator


Jen Hemphill is a Money Confidence Coach, an AFC® (Accredited Financial Counselor) and host of the popular Her Money Matters® and Her Dinero Matters Podcasts. This military spouse and proud bilingual Latina is better known to those she serves as being able to magically boost their financial confidence.

Her podcast not only has spanned listeners in over 112 countries, but the results listeners have had speak for themselves. Stories shared include: paying off debt, saving more consistently, and finally enjoying managing that money. 

Learn more and join the Her Money Matters® Community that has hundreds of women across the globe at