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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Oct 4, 2022

My guest in this show, Dr. Priyanka Wali is both a doctor AND a stand up comic—and she shares what she learned about self-care with us. We cover everything from the joys of growling to her clinical trials of psychedelic drugs for depression.


I begin this show with the self-care laundry list you’ve been waiting for—Self-Care Gifts and Treats for Extremely Busy Women… Because who doesn’t want some beautiful soap or an awesome tea mug sometimes? Got some real road-tested favorites in here for you. Enjoy! (All links on the blog page below.)


Priyanka Wali is a forcefield when it comes to interesting podcast guests. This show is particularly fun, and I urge you to take a listen! She shares how she manages both a busy medical practice and a career as stand up comic (I GUARANTEE you have not heard some of these tips before!) And she makes perfect sense.


Among other things I learned:


  • How she schedules in time for self-care
  • Managing emotional overflow with … growling!
  • How she uses yoga in a busy day
  • Why Highly Sensitive People need to ground
  • Her adventures managing a study in psychedelic drugs for treating depression
  • How own experience taking Ayahuasca



… And so much more!


Make this bring a smile to your face today!






Suzanne’s blog post Self-Care Gifts (and Treats) for Extremely Busy Women


Priyanka’s podcast HypochondriActor


Priyanka Wali’s website


More on the trials Priyanka mentioned


The Fellowship of the River; A Medical Doctor’s Exploration of Traditional Amazonian Plant Medicine





Priyanka Wali is a stand-up comic, practicing physician in Internal Medicine, and co-host of the podcast HypochondriActor. In each episode of HypochondriActor, Wali and co-host Sean Hayes (Will & Grace) welcome a celebrity guest to discuss an incredible medical story. New episodes are available every Wednesday on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts.