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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Sep 13, 2022

Heather Munro Pierce leads Suzanne and listeners in a six-minute dance party that helps you relieve stress, shake off anxiety and get back to YOU! Heather is the leader of the Body Mystik Dance Circles.

Why should you stop everything, put down whatever is distracting you, worrying you, stressing you out or demanding you overdeliver to… dance? Huh? YES! Heather Munro Pierce not only discusses what happens in your body when you surrender to beautiful, conscious, flowing movement—she shares a sample of her work.


Prepare to put down your cares and move a little with us in a show like no other this week! In doing this work with Heather, I learned:

  • Why dance even when you’re busy!
  • What free form dance is and why
  • The value of dance circles
  • Why this and why now?
  • What dancing has to do with self-care


I absolutely loved this show—and I hope you do, too!

Much love as ever,






Heather Munro Pierce’s website, Body Mystik Dance


Heather’s Free Dance-at-Home gift


Contact Suzanne and share your questions and thoughts on the show: Suzanne AT



Heather Munro Pierce is a dancer, mother, embodiment guide and consciousness teacher. She has been leading movement for more than 30 years and has held sacred space for over 1000 women’s circles. She is the founder and lead teacher of the Women’s Body Mystik Dance Tribe, offering in-person and online dance rituals and workshops. She has taught nationally and internationally. Her passion for teaching and leading springs from her own experience with dance and embodied awakening as a path to health and fulfillment.