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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Sep 20, 2022

One of the most critical self-care practices you can do is to forgive others—especially when that rage, anger or resentment threatens your peace of mind. Suzanne shares a powerful story about how she came to finally let go of devastating anger and forgive someone who wronged her.


In this episode, I begin by sharing an essay I wrote called Discovering a New Self-Care Comfort Zone. Because it occurred to me the other day that we have certain set points, or comfort zones, where our self-care practices and behaviors live. If you find yourself unable to push past those old, comfortable ‘discomfort zones’… this one is for you.


I follow with my own thoughts on forgiveness. It’s a tricky topic, right? So often forgiving someone is the last thing we want to do. And yet. This really IS the way back to having a peaceful, free and happy life. I tell the story here of forgiving someone who I felt did me wrong … and what I learned in the process.


We end this show with a healing meditation that will help you find a new sense of protection for your life.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why it’s so hard to forgive in the first place
  • The cost of refusing to forgive
  • The Buddhist parable of the second arrow 
  • Disabling beliefs about forgiveness
  • A note on waiting for apologies
  • The incredible value of forgiving
  • A roadmap for forgiveness in relationships
  • How to forgive someone who you need to avoid or have no contact with
  • The big question -- Can you forgive yourself?



Four Free Self-Care Assessment tools just for you!


My blog, Discovering a New Self-Care Comfort Zone

Thanks for listening!





Suzanne Falter hosts the Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women podcast where she brings better self-care to thousands of busy people each week in 98 countries around the globe. She also keynotes and leads corporate workshops and online programs on self-care. She is the author of The Extremely Busy Woman’s Guide to Self-Care (Sourcebooks.)