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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Apr 5, 2022

Today’s show is all about our emotional infrastructure—the decisions and choices we make that inform how we walk through the world. It turns out there’s a helpful way to do this…and a not-so-helpful way.

I begin the show with a reflection on a recent article I read full of research on why we’re collectively acting so weird. After two years of a pandemic, well…let’s just say that societal norms have taken a big hit. And the good news is they will recover.

Then I share what I like to think of as my Emotional Self-Care Hit List. These are eight things we really need to practice to keep our inner guidance system working well, and our happiness optimized. May my little list serve you well.

Here are a few highlights:

  • How our personal radar informs us and protects us
  • Setting boundaries for self-protection
  • What to do with your rage, your anger, your disappointment, your fear
  • When a request is a good idea
  • The power of forgiveness—and self-forgiveness

    And as promised, here is the list...


  1. Honor my feelings.

Our anger and our fear are here to protect us. So I’m learning to let them do their job.

  1. Remember it’s all about mom.

Good self-care means gently reminding ourselves when we are triggered.

Then allowing our feelings to flow when we’re alone, until eventually they resolve.

  1. Become humble.

  2. Know and express my boundaries.

The key is to honor our emotions and then find the courage to speak up kindly.

Requests work well here.

People actually appreciate it when I am clear about my boundaries.

  1. Own my stuff … and nothing more.

  2. Remember forgiveness sets us free.

  3. Stay out of harm's way.

Our guidance system is always on for a reason. We need it

  1. Be patient with myself.

In the end, it really all is about us and our tender hearts. If we really, truly show up and care for them, they will abundantly serve us in return.

I hope this episode resonates with you, and gives you some ideas to carry on in strength.

Much love as ever,



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