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Self-Care for Extremely Busy Women

Nov 29, 2022

Suzanne discusses non-monogamy, also known as polyamory, and gender, sexuality and relationship diversity with sex educator Gigi Engel. Suzanne also talks about the concept of Scarcity Thinking when it comes to time and money. A liberating show!

Our guest today has many liberating viewpoints—but first, I share with you some ideas about the dreaded ‘Scarcity Trap’… it could be tripping you up if you feel like you never have enough time or money. Some liberating thoughts to open your mind about your busy-ness!


Speaking of liberation, do you fully embrace your gender? Would you consider being non-binary, or ‘gender fluid’? Sex Educator Gigi Engel shares some truly enlightening thoughts about the process of finding one’s precise place on the gender spectrum.

Then she moves on to a more in-depth conversation about polyamory, another term for open marriage. This non-monogamy is certainly out there in our culture, though little spoken of, it seems. So we have a chat about it—and I share some of my own experiences about this.


Bottom line: it’s not for everyone. But is it for you?


Among other things, we discussed:


What’s it truly mean to be non-binary


What is the difference between open marriage and non-monogamy


How to find the right therapists if you’re interested in these options


What MUST be present for open marriage to work


First critical steps for those exploring open marriage


What to expect if you open your marriage


This is a particularly info-packed conversation… so dig in and enjoy!


Here’s to you and your personal self-expression—and love!


My best as ever,






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Gigi Engle is a certified sex educator for 3Fun and award-winning author of All The F*cking Mistakes: a Guide to Sex, Love, and Life. Gigi’s work regularly appears in many publications, including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Elle Magazine, Teen Vogue, Glamour, and Women's Health. Her articles have been shared over 150 million times.

In 2019, Gigi was named Journalist of The Year at the Sexual Freedom Awards.